Tips for Using

The Wash Away Fillet Tool is ready to use right out of the package; however, there are modifications and additions that may make it easier and or more effeiceint.  Some examples of how to get the most out it are listed below.

  1. Attach the board securly by counter sinking SS screws onto a work table or steady surface.  As shown in picture below.                                                                                        
  2. Place the sprayer end on a 2X4 or other sutible item to allow for the cutting board to have a gentle slope.
  3. Attach plastic or wood blocks to achieve the same result.
  4. Attach bracket stops to hold cutting board into position over a sink.
  5. Place a plastic dish pan under the board to drop fillets in.
  6. Use care not to slice into board with knife when filleting the ribs out.
    1. Note that slices into the board can be removed by sanding the suface with 120 grit sanding paper
  7. Adjust water to flow just enough to do the job.