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Hey Rod, I have been using this fillet table for about 6 months and am very pleased. I clean shrimp, crabs, fish and will use it to clean doves this fall. It works very well. I recommend this for anyone wanting to clean fish, shrimp and crabs and keep them clean and slime free. It […]

Joe from Texas

Hey Rod the Wash Away Fillet Tool Cutting Board works great. I live on Center Hill Lake,Tn and crappie fish all year round. I have shown a few friends how it works I know 2 or 3 are going to order one.  The more people that see how great it works, the more will be […]

Rick from Tennessee

The Wash Away Fillet Tool has changed the way I clean fish.  It is so much easier to clean fish now.  I have gone back to using an electric knife.  


Rod, I received the board in great shape!  I plan on putting a quick connect on my sprayer hose to switch between the board and sprayer.  I am looking forward to the new model to keep at my property! Thanks again, David

David White

Rod, you did a great job! I was very impressed with the new one, and loved the old one.


This is a fantastic product.  There is nothing like it.  The slime, blood and fish guts are not a problem anymore.  I will never clean a fish without it.

Rod the Inventor